Entertainment is about more than hooking up your electronics.

It’s about finding ways to incorporate the things you enjoy in your life into your home. It’s about filling your house with music instead of just the living room. It’s about not just surrounding you with sound, but pulling you into the movie. It’s about simplifying how the system works so you can enjoy it instead of getting frustrated by it. And it’s about putting your home and décor first, not overtaking the room with black boxes.
Entertainment Solutions is about you.

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Entertaining during the holidays, doing some spring cleaning, or just relaxing around the house. Multi-room audio can help fill your home with the sound of music. Whether you would like music in just the living room and kitchen or throughout your entire home, we can help you find a system that meets your needs as well as your budget. There are many different options for speakers and controls. We’ll explain them to you and ensure you pick the best solution for your home.


A flat panel TV hung on the wall with hidden wires. Speakers all around you. Equipment stored out of sight. These are just a few of the options available. A surround sound system with a big screen TV can be a fun and exciting viewing experience. Whether you are passionate about movies, wild about sports, or get wrapped up in a TV show easily, a home theater will put you in the middle of the action. We can also offer suggestions for other rooms, such as the kitchen or master bedroom.


Internet access. Wireless. Cable and Satellite. All of these systems can be tricky to get connected and keep organized. We can alleviate some of the confusion and find a solution for whatever technologies you are trying to incorporate into your home. And with new technologies being introduced every day, we can lend a hand in making sure your home is able to handle them.


Imagine being able to press one button to turn on your entire surround sound system; or having the ability to control all of your electronic systems from one location. Lighting, HVAC, music, security all just a single button press away. Whether it’s a simple All-in-one remote or a fully integrated home automation system we have a solution for you.


Have a lot of light switches but not a lot of flexibility? Maybe you like to change the brightness of your lights depending on the occasion, but hate finding the perfect setting each time. Or have some landscape lighting that you want to turn on and shut off automatically each night. We have alternatives that offer the simplicity of a light switches, while giving you more functionality than a dimmer.


About Home A/V Solutions

Home A/V Solutions puts the focus on the customer from start to finish. Our mission is to work with you to help design a system that meets your needs. We want your home and décor to be the center of attention. We take an architects’, interior decorators’ and homeowners’ approach to our design, always taking the time to see what our system looks like from someone else’s point of view. Home A/V Solutions can supply the equipment or even work with existing gear. We do our own design, selling, installation and service, so you deal with only one contact.

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Email Home A/V Solutions at cory @ homeavsolutions . com